I'm close to making a purchase decision on a replacement toilet and want to be sure I'm not missing something obvious. For instance I came across a mention about the new toilet's footprint covering the old footprint -- I have a real oak wood floor in the bathroom. (house is 126 yrs old this yr)

Clearly my choice is Toto or Toto.

The old (c.1970/80s?) gasping near-death toilet is an American Standard one piece ... I cannot say enough bad things about it so will say nothing.

The rough-in is 14" so I am resigned to conjuring some sort of artsy storage in the gap. (The quoted cost for the Toto Vespin w/14" unifit is over $800 and I'd rather save my pennies for a washlet someday.)

I am pretty well ready to buy the Drake (cst743s) but the footprint question has me wondering. What else should I ask about or watch for? And how do I know if the Drake will cover the whole area where the AS sits today (I doubt it actually, the AS is a squatty fat beast)?

What's supposed to be the advantage of "with bolt down lid"? Is that the tank lid?