I am having a contractor install my tub and surround. Ok, so he told his mud guy to mud right to/into the lip of the tub, wtf !!? I never heard of such a thing. He did say that they would caulk before and after the surround goes on. With the cement board & lip gap full of mud I don't see anywhere to caulk before hand. It seems to me that the drywall mud will in short order start to wick and fall apart...?

Lack of simple thought can really make a job go south fast His help didn't shim the cement board so the edges don't match the drywall. I brought this up and he didn't think it was a big deal, his mud guy would just float the joint out. I understand this can happen on remodels but the height difference was 1/8"+ and there is only ~7" to float the joint before the edge of the surround. It looks like S@!t.

Thoughts please,
Thank you
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