About 2 weeks ago my toilet started to just fill up and then drain really slow, i have tried several things online so far, When i pour a bucket of water in it flushes just fine. I have plunged it and snaked it several times, even tried emergency septic tank unblocker thinking that there is a problem with my septic tank, However i dont think that is the case because none of the other drains in the house, or the washing machine drain slowly. This is the only toilet in the house and has always worked perfectly, Me and my wife live alone and neither one of us has flushed any other objects down that could potentially get stuck in the trap. We do not have one of those jet things at the bottom and i have cleaned out all of the holes under the rim with a coat hanger. The only thing i have not tried is pulling the toilet and replacing the wax ring. I have also not checked the vent but i have never had a problem with it in the past........any ideas?