New member, first post, apologies in advance if I fail to follow any protocols or posted this in the wrong section.

Background and Current Setup:
Bought a new house three years ago with a finished basement that has a 18x24 sump pit.
The builder installed a SJE Vertical Master II piggyback switch with a ProFlo PF-92260, 1/4 HP, 120V, 3.9amp, pump.

Normally the pump runs 2-3 times a day, but that increases to 2-3 times per hour when it's pouring outside (12 foot rise).
I've been through a pretty bad snow storm, and two hurricanes including the most recent superstorm Sandy, and we've never lost power, but I feel I'm pushing my luck. I've never really had any problems with the setup other than I freak out every time we get a storm that my basement is going to flood and that I should have a backup system.

(1) Should I keep what I have and get an inverter + deep cycle marine battery setup given my pump is only 3.9amps and I really don't lose power? If so, any recommendations on low cost but decent inverter?

(2) I'm not sure if ProFlo is a good brand or not, and in addition to power failure, the pump failing scares me too. Should I just replace my current setup with a Zoeller N53 + Vertical Switch + Zoeller 507 type setup? That way I have redundancy of pumps as well as power failure backup?

Basically, I'm open to any suggestions that will cost me less than $1000 and give me the piece of mind that my basement won't flood. Would really appreciate any suggestions.