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Thread: Replacing ProFlo PF-92260 Sump Pump with Zoller 53 + 507

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    Default Replacing ProFlo PF-92260 Sump Pump with Zoller 53 + 507

    New member, first post, apologies in advance if I fail to follow any protocols or posted this in the wrong section.

    Background and Current Setup:
    Bought a new house three years ago with a finished basement that has a 18x24 sump pit.
    The builder installed a SJE Vertical Master II piggyback switch with a ProFlo PF-92260, 1/4 HP, 120V, 3.9amp, pump.

    Normally the pump runs 2-3 times a day, but that increases to 2-3 times per hour when it's pouring outside (12 foot rise).
    I've been through a pretty bad snow storm, and two hurricanes including the most recent superstorm Sandy, and we've never lost power, but I feel I'm pushing my luck. I've never really had any problems with the setup other than I freak out every time we get a storm that my basement is going to flood and that I should have a backup system.

    (1) Should I keep what I have and get an inverter + deep cycle marine battery setup given my pump is only 3.9amps and I really don't lose power? If so, any recommendations on low cost but decent inverter?

    (2) I'm not sure if ProFlo is a good brand or not, and in addition to power failure, the pump failing scares me too. Should I just replace my current setup with a Zoeller N53 + Vertical Switch + Zoeller 507 type setup? That way I have redundancy of pumps as well as power failure backup?

    Basically, I'm open to any suggestions that will cost me less than $1000 and give me the piece of mind that my basement won't flood. Would really appreciate any suggestions.


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    Default look at these pumps


    i had a similar issue, needing to replace rigid brand pumps with crazy amp draw.

    I went with this model and I was able to get it done for about $1,000, including the battery.

    The bonus of this model is the 20 amp charger, so if you need extra pumping, both pumps will run without draining the battery, when power is still on. and you can add a second battery.

    ive been very satisfied with this set-up. redundant. and you can wire it to your house alarm or a dialer to let you know if power fails or the primary pump fails.

    i was able to source the combo set up here
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