I posted about my pipe replacement last week. Finally got over to Hajoca for the parts. Replaced the trap and the 90 (which came with a long enough pipe to hit the wall). Also scored some of that epoxy that you do with your hands.

Anyway, I put the stuff in this evening. I had to shimmy the straight end of the 90 to get it into the lead pipe. It leaks a TINY bit. Now I need to seal it up. I was thinking of pulling the 90 out, sanding the end down, then reinserting it. After it was in I'd hit it with some solder. Once cool I'd put some epoxy around the area where they meet. The end of the lead pipe is a bit rough, I can't get a saw in there to make it nice and flush looking.

So, do I:
1) leave as is (chromed brass into lead) and epoxy
2) scour chrome, reinsert, solder and epoxy
3) scour chrome, reinsert, epoxy

Thanks for all of the help. One thing out of this, I'll never go to a normal store for plumbing supplies again. The Hajoca staff was great, I handed him the trap, he handed me 2 kits (I'm replacing the downstairs trap too). I was out of there in 5 minutes.