Hello. I purchased a home that came with a Culligan Silver Series softener - I think it's about 10 years old since the home is about that old. I'm not partial to Culligan myself...but it was working fine for the last year. We lost power the other day, but I know that Culligan has a capacitor or something that enables it to remain on for 24 hours - we don't lose power for 24 hours ever.
So the other day I checked my salt and it was surprisingly pretty low. Well, I noticed it was turning on every night. The panel has the word "Regen" on permanently - it blinks when it's in regeneration mode.
I double checked the settings and it looks all relatively standard to me, having looked at the Culligan manuals online in the programming sections. Previously, I think it used to regenerate maybe every 3-4 days or so since we don't use that much water usually.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why it's stuck in lit "regen" mode - but actually regenerating every night at the preset time of 2AM, and doing this every day?

Thanks a lot in advance. I loathe the idea of having to call Culligan.