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I was dispatched to look at this panel. Yes, I flinched. The client has been called out by the local housing authority for "over fused panel".

I think it is the pair on the left. One is a 20, the other a 30. They feed a 10 ga run to a modern sub panel inside the house.

The owner intends to sell, and this is on some of the last open land in Hollywood, so the house will nearly certainly be demolished and replaced by denser and more upscale housing. So she does not want to replace the panel, much as I'd like to pitch that to her.

I will be looking for a 30 a breaker to bring this up to snuff.

Here's the issue: I don't recognize this type of Zinsco breaker. All that I am used to have that silly U shaped contact that clamps (poorly) on the buss bars.

These breakers are screwed down to buss bars at the top of the image.

And someone did a bit of extreme plumbing on this one. The panel as designed will only accommodate one 240v circuit down the middle of the six spaces.

There is a jumper from the right buss bar to the left most breaker. So it goes.

Anybody know how those breakers are designated?