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Thread: Need feedback on sink P-trap below floor level

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeplummer View Post
    i also agree with Terry regarding the AAV....if it is in the cabinet and above the bottom of the sink, then it is a - accessible and b - if the sink clogs potentially gunking up the AAV it can be removed and replaced or cleaned as necessary.
    does it meet code? - no...is it practical? - absolutely
    Thanks guys. I appreciated the feedback. I'm leaning toward the AAV route. There's one optional scenario that just occurred to me that I'd like to run by you. I have enough room in the wall behind the sink loop a vent 1/2" or so over the flood level of the sink before it dives under the floor. The picture below shows what I mean. It's similar to plumbing for an island, but I'm thinking it could be simplified a bit since the vent loop gets above the flood level, so there's no risk of it flooding. I would slope the vent towards the stack, rather than the fixture. Is this a good, Canadian code compliant option?

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