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Thread: Required fittings between distribution line and fixtures?

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    Default Required fittings between distribution line and fixtures?

    Hi! This is my first post to your forum.

    I am remodeling my masterbath and will be relocating all the fixtures. I plan to use Sharkbite PEX products (either crimping or clamping) as they seem pretty straight forward.

    I'm a little confused though on the specific fittings I am supposed to install between the distribution line and the actual fixtures (e.g., a sink). For example, on one sample illustration they installed a Regulator between the 3/4" distribution pipe and the 1/2" branch lines. What is that for? Is it necessary? I'm also unsure of the combination of fittings I need to go from the 1/2" PEX to something that I can actually attach to the faucet.

    My layout is very straightforward. The distribution line comes in from one side of the room and all 5 fixtures are in a straight line down the same wall. Can I just run one 3/4" PEX pipe all the way down the wall and just insert a 3/4 x 3/4 x 1/2 reducing T at each fixture to carry the water to the fixture? Can it be that simple?

    Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

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    Plumbing fixtures require shutoff valves, preferably in the immediate vicinity of the fixture. As a matter of good design,
    the valves and their attachment to the distribution piping should be easily accessible and solidly mounted to, for instance,
    the wall framing members.

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    As Kreemoweet says, you need shutoff valves. Typically a toilet has a shut off where the pipe come through the wall, and this is what the supply tubing to the toilet connects. The basin shutoffs are normally inside the vanity either on the vanity floor or on the wall. If the valves are exposed, they can be treated the same as the exposed toilet valve. The supply lines to the hot and cold connect to these valves. The tub/shower shutoffs are usually conceals in front of the tub/shower, depending on the installation. In all cases the most popular valves today are the 1/4 turn style. The come in just about any configuration you can think of. They can be soldered or compression, and can come off straight or at 90 degrees. Most, if not all, are chrome finished so will look good if exposed. Keep in mind that 3/4" Pex is actually the same inside diameter as 1/2" copper. In my opinion, your 3/4 Pex is OK because it is very unlikely all the fixtures will be used at the same time. I have a tub/shower, basin, and toilet all on one 1/2" line and zero problems. Not really sure what the official charts say.

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