I purchased a home about a year ago that has a basement drain, this drain is not connected to any other part of the plumbing(toilets, sinks ect..) these all exit the house at the top of the basement. Over the past year I have had some minor leaks through the walls, but nothing up through the drain.

This recent storm has caused water to come up through the drain and the basement is slowly filling with crystal clear water. There is no sump pump system, the drain is simply used to drain the dehumidifier water. I am located in Ohio, we didn't get anything major just a continual flow of rain.

This home is not in the city, so it has a septic system.

I have noticed some cracks in the basement floor that have water seeping up from them. Is there usually some type of tile field, that is meant to catch ground water, under the concrete slab(basement floor) and the ground that could be filled with water and the pressure caused the whole floor to crack.

Any help is appreciated