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Thread: Lavatory faucet trim/escutcheon?

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    Default Lavatory faucet trim/escutcheon?

    I am replacing an old 1986 lavatory faucet (8" widespread) in my home as part of a remodel. When I took off the old faucet, it left rust stains around the handles in the cultured marble. The cultered marble counters are in great shape and I would like to keep them, but when I set the new faucet handles in, the rust stains are visible. The old faucet at the base was 2 1/2" diameter, and the new one is 1 1/2", so there is approx. 1/2" of rust stain around the new handles. We have tried all of the products to try to take the rust stain out but with no luck.

    My question is: Is there any kind of trim plate or escutcheon that I can mount under the new handles that is 2 1/2" diameter to hide the rust stains? Ideally it would be flat, like a washer, and chrome to match the new faucet with a 1" hole in the middle. I have looked at the local big box stores and searched the internet but have not found anything. I know they make similar plates for bath faucets...

    thanks in advance,

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    There are companies who can probably polish out the rust stains

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    Guys who install granite/stone slabs are really good at filling/polishing/making disappear imperfections in their stuff,
    using epoxy fillers. Maybe you could find one of them to grind out and fill the bad spots, if he/she is willing to work
    on "cultured marble" (= plastic).

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