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Thread: Is my gas valve on or off in this position?

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    Default Is my gas valve on or off in this position?

    The gas dryer that was connected to this valve was recently sold and before that the yellow valve was in north and south position. So before disconnecting the end that goes to the dryer I turned the value to the way it is showing right now in the picture attached. Since the flow of the gas comes in and then outlet is going up having the value in this position is in the off state correct? Or should it be in the north and south position? I'm a bit confused here on the actual flow of the gas here since it comes from the wall, but then makes a 90 degrees turn up instead of just going straight forward like it does for water heater. I think if the outlet was just connected straight on then the position that the valve is in right now would be open correct?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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