First of all a big Hay. Yes "hay", you would have to read why on my website

So, It seems that online prices for Culligan Kinetico etc etc are gov't secrets. I have spent many hours trying to make a vise cost effective choice on my softener situation.

I have an old Culligan mark 812 that needs a new valve control. I fubared it when working on it. I don't normally do that but stuff happens. And it had many other issues before I made it worse. So, long story short.

Not sure of water conditions out of my well. In 97 is was tested and was 75 hardness and 7 iron. No other numbers.

It is NOT near that now. In 97 we ran 10 pounds of salt a day. As time went on I started to play with the settings and found 1 day in six was plenty (old timer using ancient Martian 6 day cycle). Also the well water's iron count clearly dropped. As in day one when I built this log home our toilets would turn orange in 30 minutes. After a year the water conditions improved greatly. In fact we don't even use a softener now and have not for years. Yes sinks turn orange in a few days but we can shower can wash cloths but it's clean the water is harder than the city water we were use too. So I want softer water again.

So me being a fixit guy and trying to gather the well guarded secrets of softeners I wanted to know if I can replace this old unit with one of the newer value controls like the Fleck 5600?

The kids are gone. Just us 2 and we do maybe 1 load of laundry a week. So our water consumption has dropped big time. I build my own log home, plumbed some, did all electrical in the basement and certainly can handle swapping a valve. BUT!

Do newer controls fit this Culligan Mark 812? And will they work? And if they do I can have my water tested to make the correct settings.

Also, is the Kenmore mid range unit any good? I kinda consider it a throw away unit. It's on sale for $450 and I can get locally double gas perk points and get $0.40 off a gallon of gas per $100. So a $500 purchase gets me $2 off per gallon with a max of 30 gal which is a $60 savings. Making the Sears unit net cost of $390.

One main reasons I'm into doing this now is I need to stop drinking pop, and once I have a softener I can buy an RO system for the sink. Slepping drinking water to my house is a pain. And winter is coming. We park 75' from our house. So, it may be funny to watch a fat man (me) fall with a 5 gallon jug of water on his shoulder. I'm just getting to damn old to enjoy such events myself.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.