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Thread: Fan and Switch problem

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    Did confirm that switch located at the top of box labeled 3 way does control outside porch light.

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    quote; Confused!

    To say the least. The green wires just clutter up the drawing. You only have a single wire to and from the 3 way when you should have three wires, and the single wire splits into 3, probably for the lights. What is the "ceiling"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hj View Post
    quote; Confused!
    No kidding! I've never heard of hots tied together unless branching to other outlets. A fixture should never be tied to a hot, only to a switch. A switch should never be tied to a neutral. Who knows what is being switched.

    If the OP cannot explain why it works, he shouldn't be messing with the wiring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwelectric View Post
    Can't use a dimmer on the motor. From what you say this is what is happening

    With Respect, I disagree.

    It may work for a second, then You just need to add the Smoke back in. (They sell it at WM in the Toy department, Near the Trains)

    That Dimmer is most likely smoked.

    I would Disconnect it , Get a new Dimmer and start over, After I could verify the wires, and connect them properly.

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