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I've had the chance to bit the lashing systems head to head. In the end the winning system was the Raymondi lashing system.

I checked out that system on Contractor's Direct. I think it may be too pricey for a one-off job as it seems to require their special crimping tool.

After a few jobs we have found that the time saved setting tile is lost in grout prep. In your wet zone you need 95% coverage and full coverage in the corners. This is not easy with any of the lashing systems.

With many of the builds we do we are often :Tweaking: the tile install a hair. The lashing systems work properly only when the substrate is perfectly flat. They are a pain in the ass if you check mortar coverage - Like you should and like outlined in the TTMAC and TCNA Specification guidelines.


The mesh tape you ordered is not the same kind. Night and day different products.

so what did you used when you didn't have the SK? Howabout using alkalai-resistant drywall mesh for the 8+9? (I realize it is only 2" wide)