Was having a problem with sulfur smell and had slightly hard water. Bought a new Filox system (another thread in this forum) as suggested on here. Also bought a used Culligen silver series softner. Filox seems to be working great, sulfur smell is gone. We do now have a metal smell. I am assuming it is coming from the water softener. When I was installing - I pulled the head off the water softener tank and noticed rust staining inside. Also the previous owner had the clack drip feed hooked up inside brine tank. The resin seems to be working as the water is noticeably softer (ordered a hatch test kit and waiting for it to come in..). Is there anything to clean out the rust (I am assuming it is from iron)? We do not have a iron problem here - it was just 11 grain hard water and the rotten egg odor. And I am thinking the metal smell is from the softener???