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Thread: replace my 65 yr old oil burner

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    Default replace my 65 yr old oil burner

    still works fine-maybe inefficient got an estimate for a Solaia SL 4100,with a bunch of pipes,fittings,tank etc
    separately priced the furnace-about $1800 but with install,went very high
    need some suggestions/recommendations in N Va
    thanks Jim

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    Furnace or boiler? Makes a difference.

    Most old systems are WAY oversized, especially if over the last 65 years, you've done anything to tighten up and insulate the house. Replacing with the same size is a BIG mistake, so you need to evaluate things first.
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    The Solaia SL 4100 is a cast iron hydronic boiler.

    The SL 4100 is kinda big with 122K of DOE output (more than 3x the heat load on my central MA house). If your house has insulation in the walls and glass in the windows you probably don't need that much, and it may be hard to make something 4-5x oversized run efficiently without system modifications.

    To get a handle on sizing, how much oil did you use last year? (Or if you have a mid to late winter oil bill with a K-factor stamped on it, what's the K-factor?)

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