Hi There.
New to the forum but would appreciate some review and feedback on some plumbing I plan on doing shortly. I'm adding 2nd floor WC and moving an existing WC.

Just looking for some feedback regarding, if there are any issue with the set up, fittings used or code violations. Also any helpful 'gotchas' that you may know of that I should consider.

Also had a couple questions:
1. Started dry fitting some of the piping together and I'm concerned I won't get the proper slope (1/4" over 1') on the horizontal run in the 7.5 inch void. Any suggestions? Maybe I should be use floor flange with 3" inside fitting?

2. I have an existing bulk head in the kitchen on 2 sides. I'm hoping to match up the new bulk head on the same level but again I'm worried about the 90 and long sweep 90 causing the bulk head to be lower than the existing ones and not being able to tie the bulkheads together nicely. Any thoughts?

I've attached a side and over head view of drawings to illustrate the plumbing set up and fittings. The drawings aren't to scale and I'm not a drafter but hopefully these are good enough to get the idea.

Plumbing Diagram.pdf

FYI. I live in Ontario, Canada.

Thanks in advance for you feedback.