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Thread: Cost of replacing antifreeze in heating system?

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    Anti freeze used for hydronic systems should be checked annually for PH and strength. Anti freeze looses strength over time and excessivly high boiler temperatures can degrade it even faster. PH is a concern because it can cause problems with seals etc on valves and controls. As for it leaking out, if the system is tight and there are no leaks it will stay in there and maintain pressure for many years. I always disconnect the automatic water feeder or don't install one on an anti freezed system. It is true that anti freeze will find small leaks that water would otherwise not and unlike water, antifreeze will not "rust up" the leak.
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    Correct me if Im wrong,but your heating system is freezing up while its operating? IMHO I would correct the issue of why your system is freezing. Lack of circulation? Lack of insulation? Pipes running inside an outside wall again without proper insulation?
    Im no expert but antifreeze in the system sounds like a bandage over a larger issue.I have (and so have many others) never had a freezing issue with my hot water heat. Temps to -30deg F and 30mph winds never frozen heat pipes.That includes the 2nd level of the house that I keep cold since the kids have moved out.
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