We are almost done tiling a new wet-room project here in Vancouver and I called the client yesterday to tell him I drained the flood test and it was all good. This is a tiny 35 square foot bathroom and the tub was removed so I could grade the entire floor as a wet room.

This Shower Rain Head is on a flow valve and can go from a drizzle to a monsoon

On my first visit I mentioned to this client that many Rain Heads dispense far to much water and it's not so nice shower under a fixture going flat out every day. I suggested while he waits for me to come back to get the plumber back to install a flow valve (control valve) so he can adjust the flow rate of this fixture. The client did not but tried adjust the main shut off's for the suite instead.

My client tells me this seams to work quite well but I worry that the packing in the shutoffs will degrade over time and perhaps a large leak in the wall is looming.

What say you plumbers on this practice.

We have restricted a washroom in the past using Globe Valves but these are designed for this purpose I believe. Can my client leave the shutoff's at 3/4" open?

What are the risks in this practice?