Im looking for the correct procedures to water proof the walls up against my neo angle shower pan and also waterproof the walls themselves for tiling. I will be using a 38 inch Swanstone Solid surface Neo Angle shower pan and ceramic tiles.

Does the Wedi Board go over the shower pan lip...leaving a 1/4 gap for slicone caulk? How do I do this correctly?

Another area of concern is the two corners where the Swanstone shower pan ends meets the walls on the left and right sides. Keeping these areas water tight seems like a challenge. Not sure how to do it.

Lastly, is Wedi Board strong enough for a person to lean on the walls after it is tiled? I plan to put the Wedi board right on the studs, if that is allowed. Wedi board looks sort of lightweight but it may be strong when a person pushes on it, but I'm not sure.