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Thread: Rainbird solenoid help please, it says "manual 1/4 turn On/Off

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    Default Rainbird solenoid help please, it says "manual 1/4 turn On/Off

    I think my solenoid is bad, I unscrewed and took it off of the valve.
    I turned on the controller and walked back to the valve and just heard it buzzing.
    I tried to clean the blue screen and it just fell apart in my hand.
    I'm getting a new solenoid but what does the 1/4 manual on/off mean.
    Don't I just screw it in all the way until it stops and wire it up.
    Or does unscrewing it 1/4 turn turn it on somehow.

    I tapped it on the ground and the round metal piece popped off, I then turned on the controller again and walked back and the metal rod was lying on the ground. Does putting power to it push the rod out?

    I also think my Hunter EC controller is bad. I was trying to program it and it was 8:58pm and the timer said 8:98. And when trying to set the days it should show 1-7 but it was only showing 1-6. Any ideas ?
    I tried to reset but the screen went blank when I pushed reset but everything came back to the same when I let go of the button. It kept the same programs.
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    What you do when you turn the solenoid counter clockwise is to manually open the valve. This is especially useful when blowing the lines with air for winterizing or if you are working on one zone and want the water to run without having to punch the buttons on the controller. Turn it back clockwise until it stops, and the valve is ready to electrically operate. You had it pretty well figured out.

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    Many Rainbird valves have no manual on "switch", instead you just unscrew the solenoid 1/4 turn to do manual on.

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