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Thread: Rainbird solenoid help please, it says "manual 1/4 turn On/Off

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    Default Rainbird solenoid help please, it says "manual 1/4 turn On/Off

    I think my solenoid is bad, I unscrewed and took it off of the valve.
    I turned on the controller and walked back to the valve and just heard it buzzing.
    I tried to clean the blue screen and it just fell apart in my hand.
    I'm getting a new solenoid but what does the 1/4 manual on/off mean.
    Don't I just screw it in all the way until it stops and wire it up.
    Or does unscrewing it 1/4 turn turn it on somehow.

    I tapped it on the ground and the round metal piece popped off, I then turned on the controller again and walked back and the metal rod was lying on the ground. Does putting power to it push the rod out?

    I also think my Hunter EC controller is bad. I was trying to program it and it was 8:58pm and the timer said 8:98. And when trying to set the days it should show 1-7 but it was only showing 1-6. Any ideas ?
    I tried to reset but the screen went blank when I pushed reset but everything came back to the same when I let go of the button. It kept the same programs.
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