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Thread: Installing new tub walls out of square

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    Default Installing new tub walls out of square

    Im installing new tub walls out of square. What is the best method to getting these walls square so I can set the tub?

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    Unless the inside and outside of all the walls are already stripped to bare studs, I wouldn't recommend trying. More often than not, you can use shims to set the tub square and then shim the studs/wallboard to match.

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    How far out of square are they?

    If you're planning to tile those walls, then the walls can be out by quite a bit because the thickness of the tile backer board, thin set and tile is gonna add up to a full inch or so.

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    You can't "square" the walls before you set the tub. Install the tub, then do whatever is necessary to fit the tiled areas to the tub.
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    Measure 4 x 3 to find square.
    From the corner, four feet, then three feet the other way. The diangle measurement will be five feet.

    Plumbers use this method all the time for their ground works. You have to be able to determine a square if a framer is following your work.
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    If you're planning a pre-fab wall system, you really need to square up the walls before installing them, or you'll have a big problem keeping it waterproof. Shims or sistered studs would work, sisters may be easier.

    It is MUCH easier to square the walls if you want to tile them, too. The cuts and alignment of the tile just come out nicer. Getting it nice and flat when setting the tile can be done, but takes a lot more time and skill.
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    The wall might have been bumped durning construction. Is this new construction?

    Check the wall for plumb. If it is leaning out of plumb because the lower section of wall was bumped a 25pound sledge is your best friend. Sometimes all these walls need is a little "Love Tap".

    Now if it is a renovation then you will need to get creative.

    If you need to remove say a 1/4" of wood on one stud to make the tub slide into place you can make a series of cross cuts in the 2"x4" about 3/4" apart from each other. Then with the back side of a framing hammer or with a carpenters hammer and chisel chip out these bits of wood. Using a saws-all with a sharp short wood blade makes short work out of this step. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

    Make sure you know what the stud does. If it is a bearing wall you will not want to be removing mass from the wall studs.

    Good Luck.


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