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Thread: Shower doors track leaking -- I think

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    Default Shower doors track leaking -- I think


    I have a small leak in the shower which I couldn't find for quite a while. I have a tub/shower combo with tile surround and two sliding shower doors with frame. I tried narrowing the leak down, even had a plumber come over and said none of the plumbing was leaking. I think I have finally narrowed the leak to occurring thru the end (faucet end) of the lower shower door track. If I put a folded washcloth the front of the shower door, then close the door take a shower = no leak.

    These shower doors are only about 5 years old and have no idea if they were installed correctly. How would I proceed to waterproof this area? I would think I need to take off the shower doors and tracks and check for caulking behind where the doors are screwed into the tile. I am not a very handy person, is it a big job to do this? What kind of repair person would I need to so this if I cannot? Finally, would it be better to just buy newer shower doors and start over? Thanks.


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    Hi. You have probably sorted this out by now. But if not, chances are the leak is in the screws holding down the track. You may be able to fix this easily by unscrewing the screws and squirt some silicone into the hole and screw the screw back in. Hopefully this works. And certainly worth trying before you replace the whole thing.

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    Try getting into the tub with a flash light and shinning the light along the track. Get someone on the other side looking for light on the other side.

    If the tracks are five years old it might be time to really clean then up. It is not hard to do but a nasty job.

    You might find as well that the bottom track was install backwards and any track weep holes are facing into the bathroom and not the shower.

    In this video the nanny suite's shower trashed my clients entire basement. Every day because of the poor quality of the install and door system water was leaking out.

    Perhaps call around a few glass shops and get some quotes for new doors and a re-installation of the old ones.


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