I have a small leak in the shower which I couldn't find for quite a while. I have a tub/shower combo with tile surround and two sliding shower doors with frame. I tried narrowing the leak down, even had a plumber come over and said none of the plumbing was leaking. I think I have finally narrowed the leak to occurring thru the end (faucet end) of the lower shower door track. If I put a folded washcloth the front of the shower door, then close the door take a shower = no leak.

These shower doors are only about 5 years old and have no idea if they were installed correctly. How would I proceed to waterproof this area? I would think I need to take off the shower doors and tracks and check for caulking behind where the doors are screwed into the tile. I am not a very handy person, is it a big job to do this? What kind of repair person would I need to so this if I cannot? Finally, would it be better to just buy newer shower doors and start over? Thanks.