We purchased a Toto Ultramax II toilet for an existing powder room which we are renovating. The installer put 1/2" plywood and 1/2" cement board above the 3/4" planks original sub-floor. Tile is being installed on top of the cement board.

As a brief history, 1/2" plywood was also laid on the sub-floor planks outside of the the powder room, (and the rest of the first floor) where 3/4" hardwood will be laid. The plywood was laid so that the finished flooring could be laid to run the "long length" of the house. The powder room is on the first floor and there is a basement underneath, so there is access to all piping.

ANYWAY... the installer affixed the plastic flange to the top of the cement board and has started to tile around the flange. It appears that the top of the flange may be slightly higher or level with the new tile floor. The tile job was temporarily stopped because we were short on tile. Since all of the floor tile has not been set, the grout has not yet been applied.

I've seen other flange questions in this forum, but my question is: before the powder room floor is finished (it's a small small floor, 4' by 4.5') should I insist that the two tiles presently fitted around the flange be replaced and the flange reset on top of the finished floor?, or should I leave it it as is (i.e., with new plastic flange sitting slightly higher or flush with new tile)?

Practically speaking..What should I do?

The installer has informed me that this is the way he always sets toilet flanges, and he does come recommended. But be that as it may, this is my house, and I want to know what you think.

Terry, if you do not mind, I would welcome your response, as well!