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Thread: whole house sediment filter

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    Default whole house sediment filter

    I was considering having a whole house sediment filter installed on my well water. I've been getting some accumulation of sediment in the faucet screens and the washing machine has leaked some water into the tub after shutting off making me think that some sediment may be getting past the inline screen and not letting the shut off valve seal properly. I called the local well water company in my area and received a quote of $650 to install a water equipment technologies high flow 1" model 15-1. Does that price sound reasonable? That's for the housing, two filters, spanner wrench, and installation. I priced out a same size filter from the local plumbing supply store at less than $100 for the housing, filter, and wrench. I realize that there will be some extra parts; pipe, valves, etc... that I did not price but that can't amount to much. We're only talking about a few feet of pipe and three valves. Is this equipment from water treatment technologies something outstandingly better and more costly? Or am I being ripped off with this quote? Thanks for any input.

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    I cannot tell you if you are getting "ripped off" but three valves usually imply a bypass system and those filters are seldom installed with a bypass. I am not in favor of any "small" whole house system because the filters can get loaded very quickly due to their limited capacity. Then either the filter is not changed and stops working properly, or the pressure drops because it is clogged.
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