My 6700 doesn't seem to be going through the cycles correctly. I just ran it through its cycles by manually starting a regeneration, the purpose being to measure the BLFC flow rate. I have it Regenerant Flow set to Down Flow Double Back Wash, which has 5 cycles:

Down Flow Double Backwash:

1. Back Wash
2. Brine & Slow Rinse
3. Back Wash
4. Rapid Rinse
5. Brine Tank Fill

When it got to Cycle 4 it started flowing out the Brine Line
When it got to Cycle 5 it started flowing out the Drain Line, stopping the Brine Line flow.

This is a 6700XTR so it has an LCD that displays the cycle it is in. This is not my understanding of what is supposed to happen!!

I will try setting it to other Regenerant Flow modes and see if the seem to match the expected states. In the mean time, any ideas?

The manual is here :