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Thread: Pipe says ABS, everything else says it's PVC.

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    Default Pipe says ABS, everything else says it's PVC.


    I have a couple of questions and I hope I won't come across as too dense.

    1. I have a Kohler tub/drain to install this weekend in my main bathroom. The drain (K-7213) is made of white plastic pipe. The manual that came with the drain, the website I bought it from, and Kohler's website all say it's made of PVC. The pipe itseld has ABS Sch40 case into it. I'm thinking it's ABS and I can use my normal (yellow) ABS solvent cement on it.

    2. I will be picking up a Vespin II from Terry's early in November. Anyone have any reasonably priced tickets to the Seahawks game on the 4th they want to sell? Or where do buy tickets for Seahawks games? I've looked at a number of pretty sketchy websites.

    Thanks, Greg!
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    Very interesting. PVC is white, ABS is black, but as you point out, the white fitting you have says ABS so ???. PVC and ABS are different chemically and require different solvents ("cement") What presents a problem is that neither of these so called "cements" are glue or cement. They are solvents that melt the top surfaces of the fittings and pipes so they actual form a weld when jointed, and since PVC and ABS are different chemically, you don't mix and match the solvents. There is a product that will work on both PVC and ABS, but you must be certain that you get the right thing. I know of no yellow "cement", but perhaps it is for CPVC that is used for interior water supply lines It should say what it is for on the can.

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    Both PVC and ABS can be manufactured in any color including clear.
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    PVC and ABS both are very different and requires different chemical composition to lay off. Here as you said that your pipe is ABS and else is PVC. That may be right but you need to contact them or your vendor to determine the right way to put it or the "yellow cement" you talking about.

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    Is there perhaps another marking on the other side of the fitting? Evidently some factory molds are used to make plastic fittings of diverse
    materials, and they carry different ID markings for each. I've heard about the yellow ABS cement widely used in Canada, but never seen it.

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    I bet they used the wrong mold for making the fitting and no one looked at it before you. In fact sometimes you'll see a raised printing that says, "WHITE PVC [model no] BLACK ABS [model no]." If you put PVC solvent on ABS it will just sit there. If you put it on PVC, it will get soft.

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