Hello, this is my first post at this forum.

I have a question to you about toilets science. How do they function and what is the best design ever made? I spoke to the guy in Home Depot and he told me that all toilets pretty much the same. But I think that there is must be a best of the best proven by time and patented design.

First of all my basement toilet works not as good as the one on the second floor. It flashes not as quickly, basically waters goes in it and circles "marry go round". Sometimes I have to use plunger, but not too frequently...may be once in 6 month or so. This toilet is very old probably 30 years old. I did scarp it already as I do my bathroom renovation.

I spoke to a plumber from the shop and he told me that the difference between these two toilets is the height- one in the basement has a very small pipe slope. Also he pointed that it might be a problem with the vent pipe- basement toilet is located too far from it.

Currently I am doing my washroom renovation in my basement and I am just wondering if this pressure assist toilet would improve my situation with basement toilet?

Another potion I am thinking just purchasing this Toto Drake II toilet. As I have heard it is the best of the best...

Also I refer to some info posted here:

If the flange is setting above the floor, one will do.
If the flange is setting on the lower plywood, not on the underlayment, then two wax rings.

If my flange is setting on the lower plywood, not on the underlayment, may be I need to use the flange extender and bring it up to the level of the above tiles instead of using double wax rings?

Thank you!