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Gary & Ditto, Thanks again for the info. I assumed the reddish/orange colored sludge I see at the entrance to the softener/filter is just the iron precipitant as I don't see anything in the toilet tanks. Although perhaps it is and is what is plugging the filter on top the softener and reducing water flow. It is not hard stuff, but rather like a thin paste. It can be easily removed with a small brush and it dissolves readily in water. I'm not sure what oxidized iron should look like after the aeration unit; perhaps I should take some raw water and mix it vigorously with my battery drill to see what I get. Is there a good way to determine iron bacteria? I always thought iron bacteria was more black in color. Terry
It sounds like normal oxidized (ferric) iron build up but...

IRB can be any color from clear snotty/slimy to black. Wiping the palm of your hand on the sides of the toilet tank from the water line down as you flush the toilet for the slippery etc. is a good test but if you clean the tank frequently or use some type of in the toilet tank cleaner tabs etc. you won't have the build up.