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Thread: Trouble finding Glacier Bay faucet handle adapters.

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    Default Trouble finding Glacier Bay faucet handle adapters.

    I like the name brands. My sister is bias toward Glacier Bay for the style but I'm having trouble finding parts. Have shower and sink faucets with stripped handle adapters. I tried H.D. & Lowes. Can find some valve cartridges but not handle adapters. She called the Glacier Bay 800 number and and has been emailing them with pics. While at first things seemed promising, she's been passed to several different companies but no one claims the items as theirs. I think there are 7 manufacturers. In this case, the inside plastic or nylon adapter between the handle and valve cartrides are stripped and keep rotating. I used a couple of wraps of electrical tape to tighten things up and hold them over but can't find replacements. She wants those exact handles so adapting a universal is out of the question for me. In this case, the part which fits into the handle itself is 6 sided. I'll try to attach pics. I've come to the conclusion that I must research how to cast a mold from a good one and make my own but that's a little extreme. Does anyone know where I can get these or exact handle replacements? Thanks

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    It's a $20 dollar faucet. We throw them away and put on something decent.

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    I know... Like I said, I go for name brands but it's not for me.. Sometimes we must go above and beyond for family.

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    Glacier Bay is a Home Depot brand. And I notice that they don't carry Glacier Bay parts in the stores. They do have the 1-800 number for them. That particular faucet body is a pretty quick full replacement though if the drain is left in place.
    The faucet below is a Delta.
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    I thought I could help you find an alternate knob for the existing spindles in your faucet because I remember this web page:


    Basically all the two knob bathroom sink faucet spindles come with splined stems, and if you count the number of splines and measure the diameter of the stem, you can use any hand that fits over that kind of spline.

    But, if you notice, Glacier Bay and Pegasus, both of which are Home Depot house brands use 38 (count 'em) splines of their faucet stems. And, they're the only company to use such a fine spline.

    Maybe show this web page to your sister and explain to her that the reason why the handle inserts are stripping is because they're so closely spaced and the plastic they're made of is soft. As long as you own that faucet, you're going to have the same problem with it.

    What I'd recommend you do is install those inserts and handles with construction adhesive, and replace the faucet with a decent quality one when it start to drip.

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