I got a new dishwasher hooked up last week and I got the new dual gas/electric stove hooked up today. I ran the first load in the dishwasher this afternoon. I have not turned on the stove for any extended amount of time today. The water throughout the house is heated with gas. Several hours after running the dishwasher and running one load of clothes earlier this afternoon - I tried to take a shower and was unable to get any hot or warm water at all. I waited several more hours and was not able to get any warm/hot water in any of the bathroom sinks. I would have figured that the water would have been warm at least by this time. I am not sure what to do. It does not seem that the hot water heater in the basement is heating - as I can usually hear the gas 'flame up' and heat the tank. Should I call the plumber back in the morning to address this issue. I was hoping to be done with spending money on the plumber - as all of the hook-ups this past week have been quite pricey. Thank you in advance for any advice.