We bought a split level brick ranch about 3 years ago and one of the interesting aspects of it is this GE low voltage lighting system. There has evidently been some modifications to it over the years but most of the relays/switches still function. There's a relay box in the attic and 2 full control knobs in the house (master bedroom and front entry) that control all the switches on that system (9). About6 of the 9 switches still work with specific lights in the house. 3 of them have been disabled and switched over to regular 110 voltage direct to the light.

My question is: should I leave it or try and move to all 110 volt system? Some of the lines controlled are in areas with no access so I would need to snake through joists in plaster walls. It would be quite the project by myself and even our electrician that had done some work on the house for the previous owners has commented he's not too excited about working on redoing that system if I farm it out.

At first I wanted to get rid of it but now I wonder if its necessary and there's also a bit of a plus being able to control multiple lights in the house (exterior and garage as well) from the bedroom.

If I should keep it, any ideas on some nice replacement switches and cover plates? The ones are original and yellowish.