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Thread: Happy with Toto Vespin II and Terry's help!

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    Default Happy with Toto Vespin II and Terry's help!

    We have successfully installed the Toto Vespin II today and it is truly a one flush wonder. I have Crohn's disease and this is the first residential toilet to work with only one flush. FIRST! That dual cyclone flush is amazing.

    This is particularly helpful since we have to have a self contained 2,000 gallon black water holding tank that gets pumped when full. We have had to have it pumped every 5 weeks on average. The toilet that we replaced was a standard 3.5 gallon that required at least 2 flushes. We've calculated now with the 1.28 gallon single flush toilet we will be able to pump every 13 weeks.

    There have been comments of people coming home to $99 toilets in their high dollar homes which hits home - but this is a rental though so the money we're putting out is only an investment due to the dollar savings on fewer pumps. We did not think it would be possible to find a single flush toilet so we didn't anticipate such a significant savings. Plus, it took a while to convince the husband how much difference a low flow toilet could make. I calculate this toilet will pay for itself in 11.7 weeks. Woot! Woot!

    I ordered the Vespin II online, but we got only the bowl. Bad deal. That will teach me! Terry could help us out with a tank for a great price but it would take a few days for delivery to Alaska (husband is only home 1 week/month and we needed to get it in sooner rather than later). Terry still helped us out with advice in spite of us not buying from him.

    We have another toilet to install and the neighbor is very interested in replacing his too. Now that I know that here in Alaska we can shop from him and pick the items up in Anchorage or Wasilla, we'll be ordering from Terry. What a great deal! Terry's prices are the best I've found out there. We'll be ordering another dual cyclone flusher (this time from Terry) so we can have more than one toilet the children are allowed to use!!!

    Thanks for the help, Terry!

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    Welcome to the forum! What a nice post! It certainly shows what a difference a lower-flow toilet can make when you have to pay a significant cost to dispose of every drop of water used!

    I doubt anyone in Alaska is going to be as responsive as Terry!

    I should mention to you that Toto now has a model of Drake II that only uses 1 gallon per flush. In the real world, it seems to be available at a price pretty close to the 1.28 gpf Drake II. However, I would caution that it just came out, it looks somewhat different than the regular Drake II (and hence somewhat different from your Vespin), we haven't heard from anyone who has used it and so don't know for sure that it's a definitive single-flusher (although we have very high expectations), and we notice that instead of the simple, straightforward guts that your Vespin II has, it appears to have a made-for-this-toilet flush valve that you can't just go get a flapper for at Lowe's. In Alaska, I would think that ready parts availability is important. That said, Toto customer service is really quite good at getting parts out the door the same day if there's a problem.

    And if you're buying from Terry, I know he is going to take care of you. I don't know if he's sold a 1G yet, and I haven't seen any comments from him about it yet. In your use, reducing water usage per flush by 20% even over a 1.28 might be meaningful, but I don't know that you want to be the guinea pig.
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