First timer here. So I've installed a water softener and put in a new water heater. Trying to figure out the drain situation. When the house was made there was a 1 1/2" PVC pipe put in the floor for the A/C air handler. The Contractor has the pipe coming out of the floor about 1' then placed an elbow and a reducer in it for 3/4" pipe. Coming out of the A/C air handler is 3/4" and a series of elbows forming a "P" trap and loosely fiting into the reducer. This is my only place to use for the water heater and the softener. The water heater overflow was originally only piped to overflow out on to the floor but I want it so that if it did would go into the drain. Now adding the water softener I need a place to put the overflow and the drain hose. Can someone throw me a bone on an idea of how to handle all of this? This is in a basement that is used and there needs to be some sort of a P trap for sewage order. I had thought to just get more 1 1/2" pipe and elbows and form a circle with 4 elbows and then put a 1 1/2" to 3" reducer on top and have all 4 (A/C air handler, water heater and 2 softener) hoses and pipes suspended above that to drain. I figured since the softener drain periodically that would provide water to keep the "P" trap with water to maintain the block for the sewer gas. One other thing, the A/C air handler, water heater and softener are all side by side.

I do hope this makes some sort of sense to someone to give me ideas. If need be I can post a pic online later this evening to provide a pure visual and post a link here.

Eric (elmwood)