I'm replacing PB tubing & am running the PEX through some of the same framing holes that it used. I'm using the color coded tubing & have noticed the colored coating is being rubbed off in some spots where it passes through framing. I'm only noticing this on the hot supplies. I can wiggle the tubing in the holes. It does not feel tight & it is not making noise at these points when expanding. However due to the slight curvature the tubing has from being coiled it is rubbing lightly. Granted the colored coating is not as tough as the tubing itself, I can scratch it off using my fingernail without much effort. Is the tubing eventually going to rub through at these spots or am I stressing over nothing?

Secondly, I'm getting expansion noises between the tubing & some of the tube talons/hangers. I can easiliy slide the tubing through these by hand, the colored coating is not rubbing off, yet they are making noise once the tubing heats up & starts expanding. How do I solve this?

I'm an experienced DIY'er, I've read the Uponor install guide, & watched a ton of you-tube videos. However, none of these really cover some of the nitty gritty details you can only get from experience with the product. Are there any other tricks or finer details someone would be willing to offer?