Hi Guys,

I have a water softener with a Clack WS-1 control valve. I installed it in 2009 and it has been working fine till a few weeks back when I noticed the shower glass panels were getting hard water stains. Checked the water and it tested hard. Checked the brine tank, there's salt but the brine level was higher than usual. Regenerated the system manually and observed it go through the cycles. The brine level did not go down at all throughout the brine cycle, and it did not rise after the refill cycle. Disconnected the fill tube and again manually regenerated the system. Backwash cycle, some water came out of the fill tube for a few second and then stopped. Brine cycle, water came out of the fill tube and did not stop. There was considerable pressure when I tried to stop the flow with my thumb at the end of the tube.Waited about 30 seconds to verify no suction before switching to the next cycles. Rinse and Backwash cycles, water from the fill tube for a few seconds then stopped. Fill cycle, water from fill tube and it did not stop till I switched to next cycle. Service cycle, water from fill tube for a few seconds and then it stopped. I'm thinking maybe the drain is blocked. Put the drain tube to discharge into a drum and manually regenerated. There was a steady stream coming from the drain tube, and seemed to be unimpeded. Switched through the cycles and the drain flow seemed to match the cycle. However, the fill tube had water coming out of it in the brine cycle and behaved the same as previously observed. At the service cycle, some water was coming out of the drain tube. It was not a stream, but a steady drip of water that did not stop. I reconnected the drain tube to drains and watched the clear tube fill up with water. I guess there's something leaking inside and probably preventing suction at the fill tube. Checked the injector, strainer and dfc washer, they seem to be ok. While trying to isolate via the bypass, I found out the bypass was leaking. The o-ring on the inlet side somehow got pinched was no longer sealing.

Can anyone help me with diagnosing what's going on and figuring out which parts need to be replaced? Also, can I order the parts online and from whom?