I've only had my softener for a few weeks and thanks to you guys it's working great.
I only added two 40lb bags of potassium to make sure it worked good since I bought it on Craigslist (the softener was brand new in the box)

Anyways, the manual said the days between regeneration would be a little erratic for a few weeks until the softener got used to our water usage.
The salt lever goes from 1-8 and I had it at 2 and it said recharge in 39 days but over the course of a week I looked at it at night and it said recharge tonight and it's recharges two times in the last week.
Question is, if it said 39 days then why would it want to recharge.

Also, I just added more potassium to level 7 and it now says 169 days until recharge.
why does it recharge less frequently if there's more potassium or salt in it ?
So does keeping the level higher save water since it would regenerate less often ?

I'm using potassium because the softener goes through the whole house including the backyard.