Good Day Everyone,

I've been looking all over the internet for help and I haven't been able to find any information and home depot/ace hardware haven't been of much help either.

I've been having trouble with my shower leaking from the stems and the faucet while the shower is on. I wager after some research it was a problem with the diverter. So me and a friend from work where going to redo my shower walls anyway so when i knocked down the wall I notice it was also leaking when the diverter wasn't up either. I proceed to remove the stems with no problem, but the diverter is another issue. I can't seem to remove it, even after removing the packing nut in front of it. I continue to turn it counterclockwise but it just spins forever, the duct tape was purely there so i could tell if i was making any progress in the steam moving outward.

I inherited the house after my parents passed away a few years ago, but i never got to find out what kind of fixtures these are. I've included pics of the faucet and the stem from the hot and cold valves. Any info on how to remove the diverter stem, and an I.D. on the old steam since no one i've asked has been able to tell me what brand/type they are. Thanks in advance!

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