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Thread: An Africa problem! A well for water

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    Default An Africa problem! A well for water

    Hi Guys,
    This is my first post.
    This is my first borehole.
    I had a borehole drilled 12 months ago.
    The guy who drilled it went walkabout and I never saw him again.
    I now have need of water for the property.
    All I know is that the hole with the casing is in place and capped.
    The depth of the well is 57.5 feet.
    The static water level is at 52 feet.
    At what depth should I place the pump intake?
    Do I need a filter and if so a link to "Dummies guide to installing a borehole filter."
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Regards from Kenya

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    5 feet of water is not a lot so you need to set it as low as possible. Research "cone of depression". What size casing? How many GPM can the well produce? Is this a rock bore or a mud well?

    A rock bore doesn't usually use any kind of screen. Whether or not a screen is required depends on the formation, whether the driller set a gravel pack, and what sort of GPM you will pull.

    My 65 foot 6 inch well casing stops one foot short of bedrock and has no screen. I have had problems of mud getting sucked up into the casing and had to flush it out and set some crushed stone. I also had to carefully develop the well to open up the formation for more GPM.

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