My house was built three years ago (in South Dakota) and, unfortunately, we weren't around when it was built. We are looking at finishing the basement, but I'm a little confused on what they've left me. In the picture you can see two stub ups as well as the main drain that is coming from the other two 1/2 baths and the laundry room (all upstairs). The tub is also roughed in. I dug down in the box and found a 2" line running horizontally. The smaller of the two pipes is also 2" and the other is 3". In the other picture, you can see the line coming down from the kitchen sink (going into the slab) as well as a 2" capped line (along the joists--you can see it start but the end is blocked by the wall.)

Here's what I know (or at least I think I know):
the capped line running horizontally is for future venting..
The 3" is for the toilet
The box is for the tub. The way I have it drawn out, it should be a right drain set-up.
The other 2" line is for the vanity.

I'm a bit confused on how to properly vent everything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I also included a copy of the floorplan that we got from the builders.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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