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Thread: Mansfield Plumbing will invest $9 million and create 150 new jobs to its operations.

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    Default Mansfield Plumbing will invest $9 million and create 150 new jobs to its operations.

    Mansfield Plumbing will invest $9 million and create 150 new jobs to its operations in Perryville, Ohio. The key piece of Mansfield’s investment will be a new football field long kiln and more equipment, according to Steve Johnson, the company’s treasurer and risk manager.

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    Great. Now maybe they will think about using some Made In USA trim instead of that hecho en Mexico 400A fill valve. Gotta say it's a little deceptive to wave the US flag and then fill the tank with stuff made elsewhere.

    I wish someone would give them some help with their web site. They include a good bit of product description with each item, but their catalog is completely-confusing as you have no sense of what the differences are between identical-looking products without drilling down and looking at every singe one.

    The other thing that kind of sucks is that the State of Ohio is giving them tax abatements to expand their plant. I don't begrudge them those abatements, but I would like to see taxes be set at a level that every company that wants to expand or locate in that state, big or small, would find it to be a good place to do business, and not just selected ones that can pull political strings. But that's a discussion for another day.

    I note that the Consumer Toilet Guide doesn't really delve into the Mansfields, except to nix the one that uses the EcoFlush. Does our Leader have any overall impressions of their build quality, gravity-flush quality, etc.?
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    Every state or city with any brains will offer incentives to a company.....of any size.....to expand or move in, if NEW jobs are involved. Just good business, and the income and property taxes paid by the new employees will offset the tax abatements, which by the way are reltively short-term in nature...usually something like 5 years. Smart states also put some teeth in the agreements.....the jobs need to be permanent long term, and if that doesn't pan out there are penalties. Overall, win/win

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