Hi guys, hope someone has an answer for my prob. I have a Dayton 200,000 btu overhead heater (3e232d ), and burners will not re-light, after room reaches thermostat temp. Pilot light is good, pilot valve clicks, burners go on, and then fan goes on. Everything works great, until garage reaches set thermostat setting, then burners turn off, fan keeps blowing (normal), but temp keeps going down, fan still running, but burners never turn back on, even though heat exchanger is cold, and temp in garage is way below thermostat setting. Fan will only shut off automatically, if i turn down thermostat all the way. If i turn thermostat back up ( pilot light still lit ), fan will come back on, but still no burners? If i try hours later, it will work again, but only up to the point where thermostat kicks off burners, and ''no burners" cycle starts again. Seems like something, other than thermostat, is remaining too hot to tell burners to re-ignite? Any help?