I found out today that i have a recalled toilet, and i found this forum while trying to figure out how to survive until my flushmate repair kit arrives in the mail! I'm the mom of four little kids and our only toilet is a Gerber with an flushmate (it was in the house when we bought it). Being scared for my kids' safety, and not wanting them impaled by porcelain, I followed the recommendation that Flushmate gave me when I called about the recall, and I turned off the water supply to the toilet and have started only flushing using a bucket of "2-3 gallons of water".

Here's the problem, though: a bucket of water dumped in the bowl doesn't make it flush properly! In previous homes, when I've dumped a bucket of water into a regular toilet, it really does flush it... In other words, the water quickly leaves the bowl. Not with this, though.

It took 5 gallons (two buckets) to get my 7-year-old's poop to clear the bowl. What's going to happen when my husband poops! How am I supposed to use two buckets of water each time one of the six of us use the toilet for the next week and a half (until the recall kit is due to arrive)!

Is there something about the design of this type of toilet that makes bucket flushing not work?

Should I just buy a whole new Flushmate unit to replace it (if you can even just buy the inner black plastic tank, I don't know), so that we can use the toilet without fear of explosion?

Any advice or explanations about how to make bucket flushing work would be So appreciated!