Hello, I have been reading all the old posts here on shallow-depth toilets. My plight is the same as the many who have written before me -- an old bathroom, very little space. Current toilet to be replaced is 26 inches. I did look up some of the toilets mentioned in previous posts that are 26 1/8, such as TOTO CST423SF Promenade and TOTO CST733F Dalton. But I was hoping for something even less deep (without going to flushometer or wall-mount). I saw several models from online importers, but the toilets seems to have been imported with no manufacturer -- does anyone have experience with or advice on: 1) the 25.6" model here: http://www.theinteriorgallery.com/pd...toilet-256.cfm or 2) the 26" model here: http://www.theinteriorgallery.com/pd...-toilet-26.cfm or 3) the 25.6" model here: http://www.moderntoilets.com/pd-laur...toilet-256.cfm .
My main concern is whether these toilets are any good -- it seems to me they do not have a name brand(?)