Hi All,
My sister bought this house that came complete with well irrigation system; everything works fine until last week. I don't know much about well irrigation system, so please forgive me if I sound un-educated in this field. As the title stated, the irrigation system stop working after the breaker jumped. It rained for couple of days straight and the ground was really wet. The breaker for the switch valve jumped; I turned it back on but it jumped again so I just turn it off and let everything dry out before attempting the investigation.
I looked over the system today and this is what I have...
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My question is, does the switch ever go bad? I did some search on the site and found sticky showing a switch valve with a switch on the side indicates "auto, on and off" and as you can see mine, does not have a manual level switch.

I know the pressure gauge should be replaced because I can't read it at all; if I am to replace the pressure gauge, what range of psi read out should I get? I think the pressure is reading "0" at the moment.

By the looks of thing, I don't think there's any pressure in the tank either. How do I pressurize the tank again? I have a compressor, can I use it to pressurize the tank again? If so, what pressure should I inject in to the tank?

As mentioned earlier, I have no knowledge in this field so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.