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Thread: Printer help

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    Default Printer help

    When it rains it pours ( refrigerator acting up, now printer~!)

    When I try to print a multiple page item, like a pdf, it tend to print one page, about halfway on the second...then bonks and stops. Both inks have been replaced...still the same.
    HP C5580 all-in-one

    Any ideas????

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    Your printer too?
    My HP printer quit working right the same week my office computer quit working.
    I cleaned everything I could find, and still nothing worked. So I took back the twin pack of black ink that was still in the plastic; got my refund and bought a new HP printer. HP 8600 Officejet Plus.
    I hope you can get your's working. I did find a nice video on the HP support web site that showed step by step how to clean them.

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